What it is...
Bloki enables a blog's reader to fix typos in a few clicks. They don't need to sign up and or leave behind any personal information.

Think of it as a plugin that turns blogs into wikis.

How to use it...
Select incorrect words or sentences and click the "Bloki" box in the bottom right hand corner. It prompts you to suggest a correction afterwards, but that's optional.

What happens then?
Read the Bloki Guide...

I'm not a native English speaker. Sometimes I'm hopping between tenses like a bunny and using inappropriate vocabulary. Still, I want to improve my English. How? With Bloki. You are now able to help me improve my English by highlighting my mistakes here on my blog.

Cool! I can has?
Yep. Sign up here and find out how it works here. It's easy.

Blog + Wiki = Bloki... Yeah, I know it's not the best name in the world. I like it though. :)

Who made this?
As usual, Thomas Jirout helped me building the JavaScript stuff. You can find detailed notes about who wrote what in the source file itself. Update: That JavaScript stuff is no more. RIP. Bloki is now completely powered by GWT and AppEngine.
The currently available designs were made by Martin Baumgart. Thanks!

Any questions? I can't wait to hear what you think! Your feedback is very appreciated. :)

Code is available at GitHub.

I want more!
Keep up with news about Bloki on my blog.

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