Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mission "Drop Dropbox"

As you might know, Dropbox recently sparkled with things like "Dropbox Security Bug Made Passwords Optional For Four Hours" and changes to their TOS everyone was talking about.

Soon after that articles popped up telling you how to build your own Dropbox or what services to use instead.
I'm not going this way. Instead, I'm saving my files to various locations and services - contextual, where I need them.

So what does that mean? I'm not deleting my Dropbox (for now), but I'm no more syncing it actively. It's only purpose is to keep a backup of the files I've uploaded so far.

As Google's rolling out Chromebooks and ChromeOS I'm trying to move my digital life into the cloud. Starting next year I'm going to write everything using Google Docs. Features like realtime collaboration turn it into an impressive alternative to OpenOffice / LibreOffice and Microsoft Office.

By the way, Google allows you to upload everything to Google Docs. Including pictures, PDFs, ZIPs, ... Also, upgrading your free 1GB to whopping 20GB only costs you 5$/year.

I've already used GitHub for some of my projects before, but I didn't commit (upload) my code very often till now. In order to move successfully into the cloud, I'm now commiting every day, and / or after every finished feature. Because I don't want everyone to see my ugly experiments I requested a account upgrade to create private repositories with more space. It's free for students and teachers!

For keeping memories about journeys and the like I'm using Google's Picasa. It's basically free, as usual. You're free to decide whether you want to share your photos with the whole world, only some of your friends or to keep it private just for yourself.

Last but not least...
I'm still using an alternative to Dropbox until I moved to the cloud completely: Ubuntu One. Why? Because it gives me a good feeling to know that it doesn't matter if I forgot to commit my code after hours of coding. ;)

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