Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Experiences with Ads vs. Donations so far...

As I'm moving from my old blog to blogger.com I'm re-posting some of the most interesting posts. See the original post in Google Cache here.

After six months I'm still convinced that donations are much more profitable than ads (if we're talking about "background apps" like SayMyName and Announcify).

Here's the original post:

Hello again,

At the moment I'm trying to find the best business model for our upcoming apps. I want to share our statistics with you now...

Before I can tell you about my experiences so far, you need to know some facts: SayMyName launched on 16. August, 2009 (at least Facebook told me so), went down a really long and rocky road, launched a 2$ donate version in November 2009 and finally added AdMob ads less than a month ago.

After more than one year and three (!) different versions on Android Market, SayMyName got downloaded 189746 times and has 52212 users (27%) who are still using it.

So, let's look at what I earned so far:

Revenue so far
AdMob (after one month)Donations (after one year)
40 $439 donations = 878 $
approximately 40 $ a month
approximately 73 $ a month

Wow. Till now, I was very confident that ads brought me more money than donations. Looks like we have some really great users out there! :)

Please keep in mind that SayMyName is an app you only open if you want to change its settings. I would expect a lot more revenue from apps like games, Twitter clients, news readers or OpenOffice Document Readers. ;)

Maybe revenue from ads looks like more, because you constantly earn money every day (1-2$ in this case).

Considering what we just found out, I think you won't see ads in the next big upcoming update for SayMyName.

I hope this encourages some developers (like you!) to develop great apps! :)