Thursday, July 28, 2011

Games that'll make you :D

Discovering good games in the Android Market isn't very easy. So, here's a compilation of games I enjoy playing most...

- Falling Fred: Great!
Stair Dismount: Also fun, but its developers didn't get everything out of this concept...
- Plants vs. Zombies: Loved the version for PC, still Amazon Appstore only.
- Moron Test: awesome!
- Reckless Racing: Stunning graphics.
- Game Dev Story: Addictive until you complete a whole game.
- The Impossible Game: Try not to scream or swear. ;)
- Karoshi: Ok, ok, I admit it. I cheated. :(
- MiniSquadron: Wi-Fi Multiplayer!
- Jenga: Great for playing with your friends.
- Lane Splitter (there's Racing Moto too, but I like this one more, although it's loading way too long)
- Pocket Racing

Bold ones are games you enjoy playing for a long, long time.

I didn't test all of these games on a tablet, but at least some of them work and look perfectly on tablets too.

Don't bother if you're not able to purchase apps from Android Market. Most of these apps are available for free too (legally!). Just search for the lite versions.

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