Friday, August 19, 2011

Bloki - Crowdsourced typo fixjng

One week after submitting my first ever news to HackerNews and enjoying the massive traffic it's generating I'm happy to announce the second iteration of Bloki. It's now, after skipping two versions internally, at v004, which is most probably a pretty stupid version numbering scheme. At least until we reach the 7th iteration... (007, get it?)

The first thing you'll notice: It doesn't use ugly JavaScript methods like alert(); and prompt(); anymore. Instead, it's now powered by GWT - which I can tell you is awesome sauce after playing with it for a few days.
Another change - in fact the most important - is that it's now possible for you to include Bloki on every website. It's really, really easy. Sign up and include a two easy lines of code into your HTML. That's it. Also, we have various designs up for you, made by Martin Baumgart. You can find all of them in the gallery. I'm using the style on this blog...

If you experience any problems, or even better, have any suggestions, feel free to mail me or submit an issue at GitHub.

Enough blabla! Head over to and sign up for Bloki! It's free! Or read more about it, how it works, what it looks like and how to integrate it into your blog at

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