Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Free US-VPN!!123.

...Sounds like spam, but it isn't. ;) If you want a VPN endpoint deployed in the USA at no cost you should give Onavo Extend a try. The app is meant to reduce your overall data usage by compressing all data you're downloading. Therefore, they are basically able to look at everything you're browsing. Theoretically. Theoretically, your carrier (T-Mobile, Orange, whatever) could do the same too. And lots of other companies too... It's a matter of trust. Do you trust a little startup or not? Decide yourself. I for myself, do trust them in order to test their app (looks good so far, by the way) for a few days or weeks.
Talking about the catchy title of this post, the technology used by Onavo is VPN, which you should remember from previous posts. In contrast to the post mentioning HideMyAss, Onavo offers its VPN more or less for free. They don't advertise it as "Look, people! We have free US VPNs for you", but in the background they're using a US VPN in order to accomplish their goals (read, data compression).

So, if you are planning to use US-only services (like Google Voice), install Onavo's app, set it up and you're good to go. However, according to this page, they're planning to make this a paid service in the future. So hurry up!

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