Thursday, February 16, 2012

Installing the Google Plugin for Eclipse on Ubuntu 11.10

Unfortunately, the version of Eclipse included in the official Ubuntu repositories is a very crippled version. For example, it doesn't include the recently introduced plugin marketplace (which makes installing third-party plugins a lot easier, by the way). Moreover, it ships with some essential plugins missing. If you attempt to install the Google Plugin for Eclipse, it's going to complain about lacking requirements... In order to fix it, you have to do two things:
  1. Enable the official plugin repository in Eclipse, by clicking "Help" -> "Install New Software..." -> "Available Software Sites" and enabling the entry whose location is ""
  2. Return back to "Help" -> "Install New Software...", search for "xml" and install "Eclipse XML Editors and Tools". Of course, don't forget to restart Eclipse afterwards.
  3. Go on and install Google Plugin for Eclipse as described over here.


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