Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The rumor has it: New Chrome OS devices incoming

I've been watching updates at Chromium OS' issue tracker ( for a few weeks now and I think I know which devices they are working on.

  • running 64 bit, although I think existing devices will switch to 64 bit in the future too
  • Ethernet port!
  • x86
  • often referred to when talking about gestures and touch, but I think this is just about external touchpads or the trackpad
  • I think this is the Chromebox we've already heard about (+Fran├žois Beaufort has some more evidence on that here)
  • Slumpy could be manufactured by Samsung. Pure speculation, no evidence on that.

  • powered by an ARM chip, so this could be a low-budget version of a Chromebook
  • Ethernet
  • I couldn't find any further information about this device, but on the one hand, an Ethernet port makes me think it's a Chromebox too, but the ARM chip makes me think it's a notebook...

  • Ethernet
  • x86
  • sounds a lot like yet another Chromebox. I figure Google plans to make a huge push with Chromeboxes and the upcoming Kiosk mode in Chrome OS
  • likely to be manufactured by LG, according to

  • Ethernet
  • x86
  • I'm sure this is a Chromebox (again!)

Unfortunately I couldn't find any information about new Chromebooks. :/ But we already know that at least Samsung is working on getting a new Chromebook in our hands.

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