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Battlefield 4 - How To Rock The Scout Helicopter

I recently managed to go on some amazing kill streaks in the Scout Helicopter and caught myself thinking about what I’m actually doing right (or wrong). After another equally good round I found a few things that - I think - make me a fairly good Scout Helicopter pilot.

If you don't want to read throught he whole post, you could simply watch some gameplay of me, doing pretty much all of the tips below:

Lesson 1: Loadout

I prefer the 7.5mm minigun over the 25mm cannon because the former is basically a never ending stream of bullets, destroying most light vehicles in one streak. Even if it overheats, it'll be back up after a few seconds. However, it's probably easier to kill infantry even with bad aim, as the 25mm cannon has a higher blast radius.

If you want to survive longer than just a few minutes as a Scout Helicopter you have to unlock and equip the Heatseekers as soon as possible! There's no viable alternative to that in my opinion.

Belt feeder and IR flares form the rest of my loadout. The latter can be replaced with ECM jammer if you know what you're doing, but I wasn't quite able to figure out how to use ECM correctly so far...

More information on the exact damage of a specific weapon can be found at

Lesson 2: Control

You can improve your control over the vehicle by going from full speed into hovering and flying under bridges, between narrow buildings, etc. This is how I started back in Battlefield 2 with the Attack and Transport Helicopters.

Always make sure to be aware of surrounding street poles. They are OP!

Lesson 3: Act defensively, get aggressive temporarily

Always make sure you’re near cover from lock-on missiles (see Lesson 6). If you hit the enemy chopper once, it’s okay to score the final hit on him by following him into unsafe areas.

Lesson 4: choose the right map

Maps without Attack Helicopters are great, but it’s also important to have enough cover. For example, Golmud Railway has Attack Helicopters and it doesn’t have much cover, so it’s a bad map if you ask me.

Great maps

  • Floodzone
    • amazing cover.
  • Paracel Storm
    • make sure your team has E capped all the time and get into that chopper if possible (makes sure your team has two choppers, enemy only one!)
    • watch out for the AA at B

Good maps

  • Hainan Resort
  • Lancang Dam

Lesson 5: know your enemies

Remember: never fuck with heavy machinery. Unless your loadout allows it, of course. But if you don’t have the air-to-ground-missile equipped, you shouldn’t try to attack anything that smells like a tank. Attack Boats are too big for you too - don’t even try.

Your main targets are infantry, light vehicles (jeep, etc) and all other air vehicles. Attack Helicopters without a gunner are easier targets than other Scout Helicopters, for example. We’ll get to fighting jets in another lesson.

Lesson 6: break the looock!

Don’t waste flares unnecessarily if you can simply get behind cover instead. Tall buildings are great for that, but sometimes even bigger rocks can save you from a hit (depending on where the enemy shot from).

Remember: even if the missile is already on its way (constant beeping sound), you still have time to get into cover. Again, depending on where the enemy shot from. A shot from 100m away is a near-instant hit.

As soon as you’re out of flares you should get back behind cover to recharge flares.

Lesson 7: Killing people

Two tips for using your weapons properly:
  1. against other air vehicles: lock-on, shoot only one missile, wait for the enemy to flare, lock-on again and then shoot your second missile. After getting one missile into him, you can attack him aggressively by following him and making the final hits with your minigun.
  2. against infantry: don’t shoot your minigun until it’s overheated, but only shoot small bursts when your crosshair is actually on a target

Lesson 8: Jets.


You know that you’re being attacked by a jet if you take damage from a fast-firing minigun out of nowhere. In that case pull down your chopper as fast as possible - jets are not as agile as a Scout Helicopter.

Another important countermeasure against jets is early flares. Most jet pilots don’t fire their missile until they’re only a few meters away from you. If you didn’t break the lock already, the missile will hit you immediately without a chance to flare. However, don’t do the same for other lock-on missiles though! This will result in death.


Don’t hesitate to lock-on a jet if you know you’re safe from other threats.

Lesson 9: have a Mechanic with you

This isn’t really something you can do, but if you want to go on a flawless kill streak, there’s no other chance than getting a mechanic into your helicopter. Sometimes random people stick with you in the helicopter without asking them, because they recognize that you’re a good pilot. Better than that would be a friend of course. Although it’s a stupid job, it gets the mechanic tons of points… He can also shoot out of the helicopter and get some kills on his own. Even better, he can help you kill choppers in a breeze if he takes a Stinger with him. His missile makes the chopper flare, you can get your two missiles into him.

The most important thing you get from a mechanic is time. Instead of just one hit by a lock-on missile and you’re pretty much dead, you can survive up to three of them if you’re lucky. This gives you enough time to get into cover and recharge your flares.

Lesson 10: Be one step ahead

There's so many threats around you on the battlefield and you should always watch out for... everything. Especially RPGs and tank shells could cause your death. So never fly too close to the ground and fly unpredictable. Slow turns and straight movement towards your target make an easy kill for RPGs and tanks.

That's about it. Get on the Test Range and give the Scout Helicopter a go! If you want to know more about the Scout Helicopter, I'd recommend you to check out the following videos:

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