Saturday, December 30, 2017

How to make yourself appear well organized during a job interview

I was tempted to name this post "One weird trick to make you look smart during a job interview" but I went for the non-clickbait version instead...

As part of my job I enjoy participating in job interviews with potential new developers every now and then. The interview is lead by my boss (very experienced in all things management) and I'm there to fill in the technical gaps. I saw both good and bad candidates and learned a lot about presenting yourself, but there is one particular thing that struck me during a recent interview: the applicant kept taking notes as we spoke. She continued to do so during the whole interview, for no obvious reason (we didn't assign any tasks and there was nothing she would need to remember).

After the interview, my boss asked me for my opinion on the applicant and then continued to offer his own opinion: "she seems very well organized". There was no other point in the conversation that would indicate her being well organized - it's the notes that made her appear like that.

So next time you have an interview be sure to take pen and paper with you - it might pay off. Bonus points for actually not taking serious notes but doodling instead! That might turn out really bad if you are asked to show your notes though. ;)

PS: This was all via Skype by the way, but this would work just as well during an on-site interview.

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